MO'O Dragon Halau O de Leon
Lua Halau O kaihewalu
MO'O Dragon (The Hidden Arts)
Hawaiian Lua, Wing Chun, Arnis_Kali, Kempo
MMA and Kobudo

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MO'O Dragon Halau O de Leon
Lua Halau O kaihewalu
Hawaiian Lua, Wing Chun, Kali_Arnis, Kempo

currently with Instructors in Concord CA, Martinez CA, Los Angeles CA, Sacramento CA, and San Luis Obispo CA.
We are committed to providing quality martial arts instruction for man women and children. 

Our Children's Program at MO'O Dragon Halau

Our Children's program is an adventure in achievement. We re-enforce the positive aspects of the Martial Arts by stressing self control and concentration. We strive to improve confidence, self-esteem and discipline. We provide the basic skills to improve awareness and safety as well as avoidance.

   Benefits For Children

At MO'O Dragon Halau, we work hard to make your child's experience with the Martial Arts a safe and productive one. Training in the Martial Arts has shown to help children become stronger and more focused, helps to improve character, develops strong self-discipline and a healthier self-image. Being better equipped with these positive attributes, can give your child the inner strength needed to avoid the many temptations children face today.

Our Program for Adults at MO'O Dragon Halau

Our adult program offers many options. In addition to self-defense, a student can focus on physical fitness. We offer specialized training in multiple styles of Martial Arts. Weight control, new found energy, relaxation and increased mental discipline are a few of the benefits a member can realize.

      Benefits For Adults

Training at The MO'O Dragon Halau will give you the confidence that you need to take control of any situation. Not only will you learn the physical principals of self defense, but also the mental awareness you will need to recognize and avoid problem situations.

Martial Arts training can offer the adult student many unique benefits. Whether you are a professional looking for that added mental edge in business, or just looking to be stronger and more energetic, or maybe you are concerned about the increase in violent crime nationwide. It makes sense to invest in yourself and prepare for the time when you may have to defend yourself.

Recent health studies have shown that adults who workout regularly tend to have lower blood pressure, increased muscular strength, better flexibility and less body fat than those adults who do not exercise. The studies also show that adults who workout regularly could cope with higher levels of stress and have a more confident self-image.

We use a modern approach with traditional values. We look forward to training together and wish you the best of luck in achieving your goals.