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Lua Halau O kaihewalu


Lua: Ancient Hawaiian
Self-Defense 1600 A.D.

Lua: Literally means dislocation of the joints.
Also means deep pit or bottomless pit.

Where it all started

During the mid-1600's many brown people of different tribes came from countries that had so many divisions and turmoil among themselves, some small groups from several villages decided to get out and find some new land and find a new world for their families and to find peace among themselves!

     These brown people built big double-hulled canoes called "Hokulea". A Hokulea, an ancient Polynesian double-hulled canoe They are named for the star Hokule`a (Arcturus), the brightest star in the northern hemisphere. "Hokule`a" means "Star of Joy". They packed enough plants, animals and equipment to last for a long voyage. These Koa (warriors) built big masted sails from animal skins and leaves from palm trees and mounted these massive sails to their Hokulea so the wind from the four corners of the world would take them away from the turmoil!

The Journey Begins

     Freedom and peace was first felt by these brown people as they headed out to sea! They were given the name, A Hokulea, an ancient Polynesian double-hulled canoe. They brought with them educated people that understood the animals from the earth, the skies, and the seas. Some were Professors that knew about plants from the earth and the sea, some were Wise men who mastered the Universe, and others were the Fisermen who understood time, weather, wind, and matter. All these educated people are known today as the Kahunas.

     These Kahunas of Polynesian blood traveled by watching the stars, feeling the wind that moves the clouds and the birds that fly with the blowing winds. The Kahunas knew the type of birds that like warm weather. They watched these special birds fly and followed them to see where they nested.

     As the Polynesians sought new land on the high seas, separation of these brown people began. These Polynesians today are know as the Samoans, Fijians, Tongans, Maoris, Tahitians, Marquises, and the Hawaiians.

The Islands of Hawai'i

     The first group of Hawaiians found eight islands in close proximity to each other. Today, these are know as Hawai'i,Ancient Hawaiian herald with conch shell or the Hawaiian Islands. All eight islands were occupied by these seafaring Hawaiians.

     Prior to this time of discovery, our people never felt at peace. Now, for the first time, they had an abundance of food, that the land and seas of their new home provided to them. They began to start organizing different groups, selecting leaders, forming small council groups to create and amend rules for the people to follow. They formed security groups to ensure the rules were obeyed by their people. Each Hawaiian Island had their own groups. Leaders, and their security personnel, made sure the residents, as well as visitors, followed theses laws.


     Move forward to 1750. Military-style training begins. The Martial Art known as Lua was developed. Lua was first introduced to the King, the Ali'i's and their Honor Guards. This Lua Martial Art was taught only to these special people and their family's blood line and to no one else. The Lua was Kapu (forbidden) and kept secret.

     There were 12 original Lua schools and each of these schools specialized in attacking different parts of the human anatomy. Since Lua was used for warfare, the Koa were experts in hand-to-hand combat and experts in weaponry.

Lua Halau O Kaihewalu Instructors

Great Grand Master Olohe Solomon Kaihewalu
Kumu Lua Michael Whittle
Kumu Lua Carlos de Leon
Kumu Lua Walter Manuia
Kumu Lua Tim Mcguire
Kumu Lua Randy Ong
Kumu Lua Ramsay Taum
Kumu Lua Nicolas Buelna
Kumu Lua Hans Ingebretsen
Kumu Lua James Muro
Kumu Lua John Masculine
Kumu Lua Scott Merrill
Kumu Lua Jeff Mcguire
Kumu Lua Ron Burns
Kumu Lua Bert Mac Donald
Kumu Lua Michell Manumaleuna
Kumu Lua Jim Macguire

Lua Halau O kaihewalu