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MO'O Dragon (The Hidden Arts)
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MO'O Dragon
"The Hidden Art system or 4 Dragon System"


MO'O DRAGON is the incorporation of 4 of the most efficient fighting systems of our time. Hawaiian Lua, Japanese Kempo, Chinese Wing Chun, Filipino stick & knife fighting (Arnis_Kali)


MO'O DRAGON main focus is to teach each art separate but simultaneously so the student can benefit from all 4 philosophies of training; by teaching each art separate allows for each art to be passed on to the future generations.


The art of Hawaiian Lua goes back to the 1600 hundreds but currently the Kaihewalu family Lua system is the most effective and respected Lua system in the world.

The Lua system utilizes every part of the body to neutralize and control the opponent. Hawaiian Lua is known as the art of bone breaking and dislocation.


Japanese Kempo was brought to the mainland in 1922 and it is one of the most well know systems in the world. Kempo is known for its empty hand techniques, joint locking, throwing, and weapons training. Kempo means: "The Law of the Fist"


Wing Chun is a southern Chinese form of boxing. A Wing Chun practitioner will develop a heightened sense of touch, the ability to trap his opponent's limbs, and close range martial skills.


Arnis & Kali consists of both weapons training as well as empty handed attack and defense. A common saying among practitioners of Filipino arts is:

"The stick trains the hand and the hand trains the stick"


Each of the above Martial Art systems regardless of the philosophy of training, offer a complete system from empty hand techniques, to Kata or forms and weapons training.


By combining the 4 philosophies of training, Hawaiian, Japanese, Chinese, and Filipino the student will develop a well rounded and effective Martial Art Skill.


For more information on each of the individual systems above that form the MO'O DRAGON system, please refer to the individual page for each Art.



4 Dragon System is base on balance, internal and external energy, physics and

 The natural elements Which depending on the culture some say 4 elements (Greek culture) or 5 elements for (Japanese, Chinese and Buddhism culture)

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Ranking in Mo'o Dragon System


In order to achieve ranking in the Mo'o Dragon system the student most hold a Black Belt level in 4 different systems. The 4 prefer systems to achieve ranking in the Mo'o Dragon systems are:


Hawaiian Lua

Japanese Kempo

Chinese Wing Chun

Pilipino Arnis_Kali


Exceptions can be made to which 4 systems the student holds Ranking in depending on the similarity to the above systems and lineage.


The goal behind the Mo'o Dragon System is to have the student learn from 4 philosophies of training to maximize the Martial Art Skill potential.

The prefer philosophies for the Mo'o Dragon System are Hawaiian, Japanese, Chinese, and Filipino but other philosophies of training can be consider.


- The 1st ranking level for Mo'o Dragon System is a Master Level which means the students has a Black belt level in 4 systems.


- The 2nd level is Renshi or 5th degree Black belt

At this level the student starts to incorporate and understand the similarities and differences between the systems.

This title means a "polished instructor" or "expert"

- The 3rd level is Shihan or 6th degree Black belt

At this level the student is capable of teaching the philosophy and traditions of each art.

This title means "Master Example Teacher". At this level the Instructor is able to teach students Renshi level and below.


- The 4th level is Professor or 7th degree Black belt

At this level the student is capable of teaching the philosophy and traditions of each art as well to dissect and analyze the arts to the minor detail. "Senior Master Example Teacher"

- The 5th and final level is Hanshi level with an 8th degree Black belt and above.

"Senior Grand Master Example Teacher"

Hanshi is the advisor to the Renshi, Shihan, and Professor Instructors. It provides the higher level teachings and guidance to the master level Instructors.


The titles of Shihan, Professor, & Hanshi all can be use as the higher level title of a particular system; it depends on the lineage of the system.

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